Friday, November 4, 2011

1941 NFL Championship Game-Green Bay Packers-12, Brooklyn Dodgers-10

December 21, 1941

Weather-30 degrees, wind 18 mph NE, light snow

The Green Bay defense made a key goal line stand in the 4th quarter to save the game, then Cecil Isbell directed a two-minute drill to win it for the Packers. Brooklyn was facing a 4th and 1 at the Green Bay 34 with 1:56 to play. After a Packers timeout, Dodgers head coach Jock Sutherland decided to try the spongy weak side of the Green Bay defense with George Kracum. Kracum looked like he was going to get the first down, but his plant foot slipped turning the corner and he came up a half yard short.

Cecil Isbell would hit MVP Don Hutson for 20 yards, then Lou Brock for 7, then Hutson again for 20 yards. The drive stalled there, but Hutson would hit his 4th field goal with 36 seconds to play to win it for the Packers. Hutson would finish with 6 catches for 108 of Cecil Isbell's 175 passing yards. Hutson also made all 4 of his field goal attempts. Brooklyn's running attack kept them in the game with 195 yards on the ground, led by Merl Condit's 85 rushing yards.

Brooklyn Dodgers (8-5) -0-0-7-3-10
Green Bay Packers (12-1)-0-6-3-3-12

GB-Hutson 12 FG
GB-Hutson 13 FG
GB-Hutson 27 FG
Bro-Parker 6 run (McAdams Kick)
Bro-McAdams 13 FG
GB-Hutson 27 FG

Rushing (season totals in parentheses)
Bro-Condit-11-85-0 (112-490-4), Parker-12-57-1 (108-395-1), Manders-13-40-0 (140-623-5), Kracum-6-11-0 (63-197-3), Schwartz-1-2-0 (3-10-0)
GB-Hinkle-17-38-0 (163-495-5), Uram-8-34-0 (64-303-0), Paskvan-5-33-0 (51-181-0), Isbell-7-19-0 (87-402-1), Brock-3-12-0 (20-62-0)

Bro-Parker-15-6-51-0-0 (132-64-777-4-9)
GB-Isbell-22-10-175-0-0 (241-133-1721-15-11)

Bro-Schwartz-2-18-0 (30-429-3), Manders-1-11-0 (7-78-0), Condit-1-8-0 (8-59-0), Hodges-1-8-0 (14-148-0), Wemple-1-6-0 (3-43-1)
GB-Hutson-6-108-0 (68-885-10), Mulleneaux-1-31-0 (10-247-2), Uram-1-23-0 (8-161-0), Brock-1-7-0 (23-314-2), Urban-1-6-0 (3-32-1)

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